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Explaining Time through Hiranyagarbha...

Taking a break from Aditya Hrdayam Series, posting this video that explains Time using Hiranyagarbha, the four dimensional spacetime.

This is my son's contribution to Breakthrough Junior Challenge starting today. The challenge is to explain a science concept simplistically in 3 mins.

He has tried to explain the concept of 'time' using Hiranyagarbha, the four dimensional spacetime.

As part of Aditya Hrdayam Series, will be explaining the Hiranyagarbha suktam later.

Please watch, share, feedback on the youtube video.
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Aditya Hrdayam Again -Part 61 - The Twelve Aditya

Background In the last blog, we saw the concept of 'Creative' energy (Aditi) and 'Destructive' energy (Diti). These are in standard model.

Various binding energies in the standard Model caused by Higgs, Strong, electromagnetic forces are the Aditya, the derivative of Aditi, the Creative energy. The energies that manifest in Weak force field are the 'Daityas', the derivative of 'Diti' the destructive energy.

In purAnas and in the later day stories, this Creative and Destructive energy became morphed into various forms that we see now. The destructive energy of weak force-field became the 'negative' or 'evil' forces and creative energy of Higgs, Strong, Electromagnetic became the 'positive' or 'good' forces.

But in reality, the Weak force field, though destructive is a 'creative' force as it leads to various particles and processes (radioactive) that we observe today without which Universe cannot evolve. Hence the …

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 60 - Maa and Maha Kali

Background In the past few chapters, we went through

1. Force-fields (Scalar Higgs/Vishnu, Vector/Chakra, Spinor/Conch)
2. Fundamental Particles (Panchajana/Five particle types, ChaturSana/Four right-handed particles)
3. Interactions (Soma/strong, Madhu/Weak, Apa/Electromagnetic)
4. Charges ( Vaishravana/Color, kAla/Weak, Yama/Electric).
5. Composite Particles (Sura/Nucleons, Asura/Non-nucleons, Rakshasa/Vector and Pseudo-scalar mesons and Yaksa/Scalar and Pseudo-vector mesons)
6. Concepts of Chirality, Helicity etc
Energy (Shiva) and Momentum (Shakti) In the quantum world, energy is an abstract term. Energy is characterized by Momentum. Energy and Momentum can never be separated. They are the Ardha-Nareeswara. This definition of Energy and Momentum leads to the Linga. More on it here.
But this is looking at energy in an abstract way, trying to make sense of energy. This is how the concept of Ardha-Nareeswara, Linga et al evolved.
Then energy manifests in this Universe in two forms. …

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 59 - Panchajana and Catursana

Background I had explained the concept of Spin, handedness, fermions, pauli exclusion principle, force mediators etc using the Conch and Wheel in the earlier few posts.
There are the following 'fields'Scalar/Spin 0 (kSir sAgar)Vector/Spin-1 (Weapons/Abodes)Spinor/Spin -1/2 (half-integer spins to be more precise) (Conch) fieldsThe scalar (spin 0) Higgs field is the kSira sAgar in which Vishnu (the property of mass) residesThe Conch is the spinor field that excites spin-1/2 fermions, that are particles that make the Universe. There are five-races of spinor field excitation and hence the conch is pancha-janyaThe excitations of the scalar, vector and spinor fields can have 'handedness' (chirality). It means they are either right-handed or left-handed. Depending on their intrinsic angular momentum this handedness is seen as 'helicity' (clockwise movement or anti-clockwise movement). The Chakra is the vector field that causes spin-1 bosons that are force-mediatorsrAk…

The stories of Ganesha and Karthikeya

Ganesha and kArthikeya fighting for jnAna fruit The story of Ganesha and Karthikeya fighting for 'jnAna' fruit is a familiar one. The basic story is like this.

Shiva and Shakti want to give a 'fruit' of jnAna/wisdom to their sons. But the challenge is it cannot be apportioned or divided between them. It has to be given completely and hence to only one of them. So they hold a challenge. Whoever comes around the Universe first, they would get the jnAna fruit completely.
Karthikeya mounts his peacock and goes around the Universe. Ganesha simply goes around his parents and claims that parents are his Universe. Ganesha gets the jnAna fruit.
This story is interpreted in various ways with different philosophical masks and meanings. I see this story differently. I think it is interpreted as a 'story' from scientific explanation of a physical event that happens everyday.

Shiva is energy. Shakti is Momentum.

The 'fruit' that they are giving is 'Entropy' (…

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 58 - Particles, Charges and Interactions

Background In the last 2 blogs I had described the ‘scalar’, vector and spinor fields and particles that rise from the spinor field. Apart from Sura, Asura, Rakshasa and Yaksha, there are few other celestial beings that are talked about in Vedas and Puranas. They are Daitya, Aditya, Apsaras, Gandharva and Devas. Let’s go into these..
Force-fields as abodes and weapons Shiva is energy. Vishnu is mass. Then there are three fundamental Quantum Vector force-fields. They are Strong, Weak and Electromagnetic force-fields. There is a Scalar force-field which is Higgs.  The force-fields are either ‘celestial abodes’ or ‘celestial weapons’.  
They are ‘abodes’ of Energy (Shiva), Mass (Vishnu) or Charge (Yama).
Strong force-field are abode of Energy (Shiva). This is kailAsa.Weak force field are abode of Mass (Vishnu). This is vaikuNTha.Electromagnetic force-field are abode of Charge (Yama). This is Yamaloka. These force-fields are weapons when they deliver the ‘forces’ in them.  Kuvera’s Pushp…

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 57 - Particles of Spinor field

In the last blog I explained how 'foam' is the Scalar field, 'conch' is the spinor field, 'Chakra' and other weapons are the 'Vector' fields of the Standard Model.
Let's see about the excitations that arise from these fields in this blog.
Conch - The Panchajanya - Pancha Jana
Conch is the Spinor, spin-½ field.
The excitation of Spinor field or conch gives rise to a class of particles called fermions. All the Universal matter are made of fermions. Thus it is said that the Universe arises out of the ‘sound’ (excitation) of the Conch.
The fermions are of five types or five races. They are called the ‘Pancha Jana’ in Vedas. The pancha jana are  quarksantiquarkselectronspositrons and neutrinos.  These are five races because each race has number of particles based on flavor, color and handedness. Handedness is the Right-handed and left-handed (Chirality) that applies to all the five races. This is the basic aspect of ‘conch’, the fermions. All…

Aditya Hrdayam - Part 56 - Fields and Particles

Background It is important before I proceed with saMkhya kArika translation, I set the background of the quantum world which it refers to, so that the beauty of saMkhya kArika could be appreciated.
The three domains There are three domains. The quantum domains, the classical domain and the cosmology domain. All three worlds are governed by thermodynamic principles of energy and enthalpy, though each one of them have their own nuances.

It is the property of mass (Vishnu) that manifests differently in different domains and evolve the Universe.

In the Quantum world it is the Higgs field interaction. In the Classical world it is 'inertia'. In cosmology it is 'Gravity'. Thus Vishnu is called 'Tri-vikrama', the one who sets up order over the three domains. ‘Krama’ means order. Vikrama is one who sets that order. Tri-vikrama is one who sets that order in all three domains.

In this blog let's look at some of the concepts in Quantum domain.
Fields and particles A f…