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A top-level summary till now..

This is a top-level summary of my understanding in Aditya Hrdayam series till now.. This is a work-in-progress. Hiranyagarbha – SpacetimeHiranyagarbha is four dimensional spacetime.  Spacetime is the ‘inert’ (Hiranya) ‘uterus’ (garbhah) in which Universal matter evolves.
This four dimensional Hiranyagarbha or spacetime is the surface that gives and bears the Universe. On it the 'rudras' or 'force-fields' manifest. It is in these rudras or force-fields that energy, mass and particles that make the Universe manifests. It is the interaction of these force-fields filled with energy and mass (impeding motion) that complex matter forms. 
Brahma refers to  expanded spacetime (post cosmic inflation).  In this expanded spacetime (Brahma), rudras (force-fields) manifest. In these force-fields Shiva (enery) or vishnu (mass) or a mixture of it manifest.
Puranas say that svayambhu established primordial waters, created the initial seed, entered into it and the seed became the Hiranya…