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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 54 - prAna prathistha - Idol to mUrthy


Before I go on with slokas, as a corollary of saMkhya, I wanted to write about prAna pratishta.  Whenever we do any puja (Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Ganapati etc) we first do prAna pratishta.

The prAna pratishta mimmicks the Universal evolution process of establishing five potentials, and potential to kinetic energy (and vice-versa) conversion.

The process of prAna prathisthA converts an idol into a 'mUrthi'.

The Universal evolution process

The evolution process in Universe follows few steps

1. Fluctuations that lead to symmetry breaking

2. Symmetry breaking leading to building up of next level of matter complexity. For eg. force-fields to particles, particles to atoms and compounds, compounds to life and life to living beings made items

3. Establishment of Creation, sustenance and Destruction processes. This Creation, Sustenance and Destruction processes are established by interaction of matter forms and energy forms.

       A.  Three types of instruments get established towards evolution (antaH karana). They are Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy and Entropy (Information/Intelligence).

      B. On top of these three internal forms, five thermodynamic potentials are established for matter evolution. Five organ systems/biological functions are established for evolution of living beings. These five are the pancha-prAna.

       C. Ten external energy forms  (Light, Sound, Heat etc) get established.

       D. These ten external energy forms interacting with five thermodynamic potentials of matter and five biological functions of life establish the process of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction.

In the prAna prathistA mantra, the above are invoked in the following way

Standard Model
prAna prathishthA mantra
Fluctuations leading to Symmetry breaking
Brahma (spacetime), Vishnu (Mass, Higgs field), Mahesvara (Energy) are the RSi or symmetry breakers for thermodynamic potentials.
Symmetry breaking at each level leading to more complex matter forms including man-made objects
Rk (Primary particles), yajur (Atoms, compounds, complex molecules), sAma (Living beings), Atharvana (man made objects) are the Chandamsi (expressions) derived by Rsi (symmetry breaking)

The above two are invoked through RSyAdi nyAsa
Potential, Kinetic energy and Entropy
Aam, Hrim, krom - AntaH Karana

These are invoked through kara nyAsa, hrdyadi nyAsa.
Five thermodynamic potentials and Five biological functions
prAna sakthi devi or pancha prAna devi

Invoked through dhyAna mantra
Ten external energy forms that interact with above matter forms
yum, rum, lam, Vam, zam, Sam, sam,Hum, Lam, kSam

Invoked through prAna prathistha mantra
The interaction of energy forms and thermodynamic potentials and biological functions leads to Creation, sustenance and destruction
sRshti, sthithi, samhAra kArini

-Three leading functions of pancha prAna devi - ‘tri-nayana lasita’ - Three eyed devi
Gravitational waves
haMsa is the ‘swan’ on which Brahma moves. Brahma is expanded spacetime. The vibrations of this expanded spacetime are called gravitational waves. haMsa are the gravitational waves.

We recite haMsa sah aham - fluctuations  those in me,  Sah aham haMsa - (become) the fluctuations in it (in the mUrthi).

With prAna prathistha mantra, the mUrthi is supposed to have the three leading functions of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction.

Significance of pancha prAna

pancha prAna are those five energies that guide the matter evolution or biological evolution.  In matter evolution, the five energies are the five thermodynamic potentials. In biological evolution, these are the five organ systems.

Atmanas (extremely virtual) and Manas (virtual) are the charioteers of the pancha-prAna vehicle in both matter and biological evolution. Since they are virtual, we can't understand them. But we can infer and understand the pancha-prAna vehicle. When there is pancha-prAna, we know Atmanas or manas is there in it.

So when we have an idol or picture to which we perform a puja, the first thing we do is to install this pancha-prAna. It means that At-manas , the extremely virtual, starts residing in it.


The four dimenstional spacetime is Hiranyagarbha. Spacetime is the golden Uterus in which this Universe evolves. When it expands, it is called 'Brah-ma', the expanded one.  On this expanded spacetime, force-fields or Rudras manifest.

On this Brahma,  the expanded spacetime, Rudras or force-fields manifest.  These force-fields give rise to different types of particles.

Thus Brahma, the expanded spacetime HOSTS the Creation process, like an Uterus drives the evolution of fetus. That's why the name Hiranya-garbha.

The pancha-prAna, the five thermodynamic potentials or five biological functions that drive matter or biological evolution are hosted by Brahma, the expanded spacetime.

In an idol or picture, when we want to (symbolically) install the pancha-prAna, we become the Brahma, the host.

Like Brahma (Expanded spacetime) who hosts the Rudras (force-fields), bends for Shiva (Energy) and Vishnu (Higgs field, mass) , thus giving life to Universe, we invoke the Rudras in the idol, we submit to Shiva (Energy)  and Vishnu (Mass) and invoke the pancha-prAna in the idol to make that idol a 'mUrthi'.

Thus we become the Brahma or the host of creation for pancha-prAna

This process of giving pancha-prAna to idol making it a 'mUrthi', mimmicking the Universal evolution process is prAna pratiShtha.

How do pancha-prAna potentials get invoked..?

The Zero-point energy and the four thermodynamic energy potentials are formed in matter due to fluctuations in Energy, Pressure, Volume, Temperature and Entropy. When these fluctuations cross a threshold, the symmetry in the matter is broken and a newer potential is formed.   This is called Symmetry breaking. This symmetry breaking is called RSi in Vedas.

Going one level down below, at the very basic, all these five potentials can be viewed as fluctuations.of Spacetime (Brahma), Energy (Shiva), and Mass (Vishnu).  These fluctuations in Spacetime, Energy and Mass crossing a threshold and form different types of potentials which we call as pancha-prAna.

Symmetry breaking and newer expressions due to symmetry breaking are what is called as 'RSi' and 'Chanda' respectively in Vedic hymns.

To invoke/create any devata (force-field or potential), there is a symmetry breaking that needs to occur. This symmetry breaking is RSi. This is the reason we call sages who break the symmetry in society, leads to new thoughts and methods as RSi. They are symmetry breakers.

The newer form of expression that gets created as a result of symmetry breaking is the 'Chanda'. The new force or potential that arises is the Devata.

Beejam, Shakti, kilakam

When different energy potentials arise due to fluctuations, these potentials become the 'seed' of evolution. The potential energies are the Beejam.

The potential energy becomes Kinetic energy in the process of transformation of energy. Potential energy becoming Kinetic energy and Kinetic energy becoming potential energy is what drives the process of evolution in matter and biological beings. This kinetic energy is Momentum or Shakti.

What connects the kinetic energy and potential energy.? That is called kilakam. Kilakam is the lynch-pin that connects these energy transformations.

In kilaka mantra present in Devi mahAtmyam, kilakam is Sarasavati devata.

Saras-vati is flow of information or entropy in matter domain or flow of thoughts in biological domain. This flow of information or thoughts is what we call as consciousness. Hence kilakam is often translated as consciousness.

Entropy is the amount of information in a system, which continuously increases. This entropy or information is the lynch-pin across systems with potential and kinetic energy, as it connects both of them.

Potential is beejam, Kinetic is Shakti and Entropy is the kilakam.

pancha prAna as a Devi

Diva is dawn. It is the dawn of the Universe, which can be equated to Big Bang in modern theories. Those particles and forces that manifest after the dawn (big bang) are called the 'Devas'.

Devi is the 'consort' of Deva. A 'Consort' is the 'inherent quality' of the 'Deva'. It is the property (Characteristics) of Deva.

pancha-prAna is visualized as a 'Devi'. It is the 'characteristic' or 'inherent quality' or 'property' of all matter and biological beings that evolve out of matter. Hence it is a 'Devi'.

The prAna prathistha mantra

The prAna prathistha mantra has four parts.

1. RsyAdi nyAsa
2. Kara nyAsa
3. HrdayAdi nyAsa
4. dhyAna mantra
5. prAna prathista mantra

nyAsa means depositing or delivering.  For the idol or picture we become the Brahma, the host, who invokes the prAna shakti and deposit/deliver that prAna shakti to the idol. That is the concept here.

  • First we deposit the symmetry breakers (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesvara) to the idols
  • Then we invoke the potential energy, kinetic energy, entropy by Hand
  • Then we invoke the potential energy, kinetic energy, entropy by our Heart
  • Then we meditate on the pancha-prAna, the five potentials and five organ systems
  • Then we invoke the 10 potential and kinetic energies and transfer it all to the idol making it the mUrthi
  • Then we recite certain mantras wishing for mUrthi to come to life.
  • Then we pray to the mUrthi to bestow us with goodness

RSyAdi nyAsa

In RSyAdi nyAsa we invoke the RSi and Chanda and deposit/deliver them to the idol. RSi are symmetry breakers

The Rishi, Chanda and Devata

asya Sri Prana Pratishtha Mantrasya 
Bramha-Vishnu-Maheshwara RSaya
rjyajussama atharvani chandAmsi
sakala jagat sRSti sthiti samhAra kArini prAna sakti parA devatA

A devata is a form of matter, energy or force-field. For eg. pancha prAna, the five thermodynamic potentials established in matter forms is a 'devata'.

A devata can be a 'deva' or 'devi'. If it is gross (sthula) it is masculine. If it is subtle property or characteristic (suksma) it is feminine.

pancha-prAna is a characterestic (Suksma) of matter systems. Hence it is visualized as a 'devi'.

Any devata (deva or devi) including the pancha-prAna devi is established in three steps. They are

1. Originated by a Rishi (Symmetry Breaking)
2. Having a specific form or expression (Chanda)
3. The devata with a purpose (Devata)

1. Symmetry breaking - RSi

    In science 'Symmetry breaking' occurs when small fluctuations acting on a system break the symmetry of the system, bringing it to a more dis-orderly state. A dis-orderly state is a newer form of expression with more information, more knowledge and it leads to further evolution of matter and beings.

   For eg. fluctuations in Spacetime fabric, Energy and Mass of matter establish the potentials of Zero-point energy, Internal Energy, Unavailable Energy, Available Energy and Work done energy.

  Thus Brahma (Spacetime), Vishnu (Mass) and Mahesvara (Energy) become the Rsi (symmetry breakers) for the pancha-prAna and establish this devi in all matter and beings.

2. Acquiring a new form or expression of matter - Chandamsi

    When symmetry breaks in a system, it leads to a newer form of expression. The form of expression is called Chanda.  There are various forms of expressions possible and hence various Chandas.

    When these expressions get together they form several levels of complex forms. These levels of complex forms are called Chandamsi.

  1.     Forces and Particles that make up the Universe at Quantum level are Rk. Hence Rk Veda talks about Quantum level matter and force-fields.
  2.     Elements, Compounds that make up the Universal matter at Classical level are Yajus. Hence Yajur Veda talks about Classical matter and forces.
  3.     Organic compounds that sustain signaling and biological life are Sama. SAma is the song of life. Hence sAma veda talks about biological beings. But much of sAma is lost.
  4.     Materials that human beings create are Atharvana. Hence Atharvana Veda talks about those that human beings created.

   Fluctuations in Energy (Mahesvara), Mass (Vishnu) and Gravity (Brahma) establish the five potentials in all domains of Quantum, Classical, Biological and Man made matter.

 Thus pancha-prAna devi is present in all levels of chandAmsi from Quantum (Rk), Classical (Yajus), Biological (sAma) and man-made (Atharvana).

3. The pancha-prAna  devi is established as the foremost devata with the purpose of Creation, Maintenacne and Destruction.

Aam Bijam
Hrim Sakthi
Krom kilakam

The sound 'Aam' represents the Potential energy or stored energy. It is the energy that holds and not in movement. This energy can be supplied or get converted to kinetic energy.

The sound 'Hrim' represents 'Kinetc energy' or energy in the movement.  It is the momentum.

The sound 'Krom' represents the pin that connects both Potential and Kinetic energy, which is Entropy (information). It is entropy or information or its processing that connects potential energy and kinetic energy.

kara nyAsa

Our palm, fingers and their lengths represent some of the pre-natal developments in our body. An example is digit ratio. In doing various tasks such as writing, throwing etc,  the hands use Kinetic energy, Potential energy and entropy (intelligence).

We invoke or deposit (nyAsa) this potential energy, Kinetic energy and entropy in the idol through kara nyAsa. The way we do it is to bring up this Potential, Kinetic and Entropy relationship that exists in our palms and fingers.

Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy and Entropy in Hands

In tasks such as writing, there are two sides in our hand, viz, Radial side and Ulnar side. Radial side  involving thumb, index finger and middle finger provides precision in tasks such as writing.. Ulnar side involving ring finger, little finger and palm provides power.

In both these tasks grip, flexibility and intelligence are involved. Grip is the equivalent of potential energy. Flexibility is the equivalent of momentum. Intelligence is equivalent of entropy.

In the precision side of our hand, thumb provides grip. It represents the potential energy. Index finger provides the flexibility/momentum. It represents the kinetic energy. Middle finger represents the directionality of strokes or intelligence, as it is the longest one. It represents the entropy.

In the power side of our hand, ring finger provides grip. It represents the potential energy.  Little finger provides movement/ momentum. It represents the kinetic energy. The palm represents the directionality or intelligence, as it is the broadest one. It represents the entropy.

Hands represent pre-natal development

For eg. the digit ratio, the ratio of Index finger to Ring Finger represents the exposure of testosterone levels in the pre-natal period. Thus the digit ratio represents several things like Autism, Masculinity, mathematical, spatial abilities etc.

A lower digit ratio, which means Ring finger is much longer than the Index finger. This indicates higher levels of testosterone exposure in the end of first trimester of pregnancy. That's why males have a lower digit ratio compared to females.

But when the digit ratio becomes much lower than average of males, such an excess testosterone exposure is correlated with Autism and ADHD. When the digit ratio is average or slightly lower digit ratio than average, such people excel in mathematics, sports etc.

People with average or slightly lower digit ratio, with slightly excess testosterone levels also make good 'lovers'. This could be the reason why Ring finger is often associated with 'Love'. They myth of Vena amoris might have started from this mis-understanding.

In females, women with lower digit ratio tend to have more masculinity, due to higher levels of testosterone exposure.

Aam angushtabhyam Namah
Hrim Tarjanibhyam namah
Krom madhyamApyam namah

Aam anamikabhyam namah
Hrim kanishtikabhyam namah
Krom karatala karaprShthabhyam namah

Thumb is Potential, Index finger is Kinetic/Momentum, Middle finger is the Entropy/Intelligence.
Ring finger is potential, Little finger is Kinetic/Momentum, Palm is Entropy/Intelligence/Consciousness.

HrdyAdi nyAsa

Aam Hrdayaya namah
Hrim Sirase Swaha
Krom ShikhAyai vaSaT

The Heart (hrdaya) represents the potential energy. It supplies energy to brain where all activities take place. Salutations to the Heart.

Brain (ziras) represents the momentum or kinetic where activities take place. Let Brain consume all the activities or be filled with momentum.

Cerebral Cortex (zikha) represents the entropy (information processing) as all information processing happens there. Let all parts of the body become subjected (vaSaT) to Cerebral cortex.

Shield, three leading functions, Arrows/Missiles

Aam kavasaya hum
Hrim netra tryaya vauSat
Krom astrAya phatt

In man-made objects/weapons, Shields that protect people in army represent the potential energy.  The three leading functions are Soldiers on foot, animals and vehicles that represent the kinetic energy. The missiles (arrows) represent the 'intelligence' or information, as their launch indicate that information.

Bhur Bhuvas Svar Aum
Iti digbandha

Thus (iti) binds all directions (dik bandha) of Bhu, Bhuva, Svar of the Universe

pancha-prAna dhyAna mantra

A dhyAna mantra describes the divinity that we want to invoke in us. pancha-prAna dhyAna mantra describes the pancha-prAna devi.

Raktambodhistha Potollasadrunasarojadhiruda Karabjai:| 
Pasham Kodanda mikshudbhava Gunam apya amkushum PanchabaNan| 
BibhraNashrk kapaala trinayanalasita pIna Vak shoruhaDhya | 
Devi BalakarvarNa Bhavatu Sukhakari Prana Shakti Para Na:|

Situated (Sta) in the awakening (bodhi) of the plasmic blood (raktAm) - Circulatory system
Becomes visible (ullas) in rectum (poTa) - Excretory system
Seated (sad) in digestive fire (aruNa) - Digestive system
Born (ja) in the fluid (saras) - Respiratory system
Ascending (adhiruda) on the elephant trunk-born/Brain (karabjai) - Central Nervous system

Situated in Circulatory system, becomes visible in the excretory system,  Seated in the digestive fire, born in the respiratory system, ascending on top of the central nervous system

pAsam - pAsam means the binding one. Internal energy is one that binds and makes a system in the thermodynamic potentials
kodanda  is bow. Bow represents the Work done Energy, which is pressure * volume. Bow works by applying pressure, expanding volume, which is the work done to release the arrow.

mikS udbhava gunam - Generating/Sprouting from a mixture - This is the Gibbs free energy that sprouts from mixture of chemical reactions.

apya  agkushum - The agKusha (controller) of photonic fluid (apya). Apa are photons or bosons. Apya are photonic /bosonic fluid. The controller of Bosonic matter is zero-point energy.

bibhraNa asrk  kapAlam - Holder of bloody skull -  Skull or Skeleton is the energy that cannot be used. It is the unavailable energy.

Having the Internal energy, Handling the Work done energy, Characteristics of Gibbs free energy,  Controlling energy of Bosonic matter (Zero point energy) and Carrying the unavailable energy as the five arrows/missiles

Playing three leading functions of Creation, Sustenance, Destruction (tri-nayana lasita)

Richly endowed with round breasts/nourishing mounts (pIna vaksa ruha Adhya)

The devi glowing as a young light before the sun (Devi Bala arka varna), Pleasant doer (sukha kari), the prAna sakthi the best in us (prAna sakthi parA nah)

pancha-prAna devi is young light before the sun. She is the seed of the fire rather than the fire itself. She is the pleasant doer. That prAna sakthi is the best of all things we possess. She has the five energy potentials as her weapons. She exists in five biological functions. She does Creation, Sustenance and Destruction. She nourishes all matter and beings.

prAna prathistha mantra

Aam Hrim Krom| am yam rum lum wam Zam Sham Sam Ham Lum Ksham Aah:  
Hamsa: Soham: Soham Hamsah

There are 10 external energy forms yam, rum, lum, Zam, Sham, Sam, Ham, Lum, Ksam.

Hamsa is the fluctuations of spacetime, the gravitational waves. Hamsa is said to be the swan of Brahma (expanded spacetime) on which Brahma moves slowly.

These gravitational waves are in me. Those gravitational waves are in that murthu. They move from me to the mUrthi, as I am the host invoking the pancha-prAna the same way Brahma does it.

asyam murthau jIvasthistathu
asyam murthau sarva indriyani vAg manas tvac cakSu Zrotra grhAna vac paNi pAda pAyu upasthAni iha agatya 
svasti sukham ziram thistanthu svAha

Let life come into my mUrthi
Let all indriyas including 5 organs of entropy, 5 organs of karma, Manas come here auspiciously.
Let the pleasant consciousness existing here consume it

What was an idol now has become mUrthi with life. An idol is just made of a material. A mUrthi is supposed to have 'life'  due to prAna prathistha. To this mUrthi we offer flowers and water.

(saying it we offer flowers and water to the mUrthi).

asunite punar asma asu cakSu punah prAnam iha no dhehi bhogam
jyok pasya ima sUrya mucarantam anumate mRLaya nah svasti

Return us our prAna, oh prudent one, return our sight (joint entropy), our prAna our body of enjoyment; Long may we see the Sun's beginning and end, allowing auspiciousness and favors to us.

The above is from Rk veda Mandala 10 Hymn 59 Verse 6. We recite it asking for our prAna to be returned us with favors for body of enjoyment from the mUrthi.

Return us (punah asma) Internal energy (asu - is a type of prAna), return (punah) our sight/joint entropy (cakSu), prAna (prAnam), our body of enjoyment (dehi bhogam). Long may we see (jyok pasya ima) the Sun's rising end (sUrya mucar antam), allowing us (anumate), favors (mRLaya) to our well being (nah svasti).

Avahito bhavah
sthApitho bhavah
san nihito bhavah
san nirudho bhavah
avakuntitho bhavah
suprito bhavah
suprasanno bhavah
sumukho bhavah
varadho bhavah
prasiddha prasiddha

Let (the pancha prAna) be Invoked.
Let (the pancha prAna) be established.
Let (the pancha prAna) be fixed.
Let (the pancha prAna) fill up
Let (the pancha prAna) surround/cover
Let (the pancha prAna) become dear
Let (the pancha prAna) be well expressed
Let (the pancha prAna) be giving cheer
Let (the pancha prAna) be giving boons

Let (the pancha prAna) be accomplished; accomplished.



  1. Chance brought me to your blog and found it very illuminating. Thanks Rajaram ji

  2. A good blog on Prana Prathista. But one small detail disturbed me.

    Spatial/Mathematical ability is not a "male" skill. Nor are linguistic/social ability "female" skills.

    Males and females show preferences to these sex-specific skills not because of genetic sex differences, but because of epigenetic/developmental. Moreover, testosterone directly doesn't give higher spatial skills.

    Testosterone aromatises in the brain into oestrogen that masculinises the brain (contrary to the perception that testosterone is a "male" hormone, the steroids are no longer sex-specific when it comes to the brain). Females are not exposed to any hormones in the prenatal period, that's why their brain doesn't masculinise.
    And spatial ability is not a direct consequence either. It is because preferences are tuned to take more spatial stimuli, so people with masculinised brains engage in more aggressive and rough-and-tumble activity that causes them to learn good spatial skills.

    Actually, I say this because I have a female brain (as evident from my digit ratio) and as it is, I wasn't so much interested in sports and other spatial-related activities in my childhood. But now, I actually learnt to develop my spatial skills by a substantial margin.

    Superior Mathematical/Spatial skills is not a "male" ability, but a consequence of "maleness", that can be easily made up for by environmental interventions. There are hundreds of studies detailing how playing video games like Tetris, and taking certain spatial courses can bridge the gender gap.

    I feel you need to correct that thing alone. Like, here is a study that found that injecting oestrogen inside the brain of a female mouse completely masculinised it, showing that it is not brain "sex" (unlike body sexual dimorphism due to chromosomes) but brain "gender", which is flexible. It is not genes, but developmental interventions, that may be hormonal or environmental, but nothing to do with what we call "blood testosterone" or "blood oestrogen".

    You can look out for many studies that have shown to completely eliminate gender differences in spatial/mathematical abilities by training and other external stimuli. Of course, if these studies are legitimate, then there is no reason to believe in genetic sex differences, though developmental differences may exist.

    1. Simon Baron Cohen, a reputed autism researcher, is the father of the "extreme male brain" theory of autism. He is right to a degree- testosterone and oestrogen obtained from aromatised testosterone play an important role in extreme aggressive behaviour that may predispose a default empathising (female) brain to systemise. But he is wrong about two things:
      1. Sex differences in brain cognition are genetic/evolutionary which is clearly wrong because video games and courses in spatial ability have found to eliminate the gender gap to a large degree, if not completely (refer Sheryl Sorby's spatial visualisation course).
      2. The sex differences in systemisation/empathisation is flexible. For instance, middle school girls in an American girls school who took Sheryl Sorby's spatial visualisation course started to opt for more courses related to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Architecture, Engineering, etc. which suggests the possibility of SQ/EQ being flexible to a large degree.

    2. As usual some great thoughts from you SS.

      Just to be doubly clear:

      I wrote that development of fingers seems to be correlating to levels of exposure of testosterones in the pre-natal period. This leads to myths of Ring finger being associated with love.

      The point is the 'digit ratio' (which is pretty much fixed at birth) seem to be correlating with levels of testosterone exposure in the pre-natal period and hence could be used to represent 'Autism', "mathematical' and 'spatial' abilities.

      This does not discount in any way development of abilities by people irrespective of their gender.

      The reason why I brought it up here is to show that hands have a significance of representing the pre-natal development.

      In the pre-natal stage, from single cell zygote to embryo to fetus to a fully formed baby, the potential energy, kinetic energy and entropy (information growth) play a huge role.

      Hands (fingers, thumb, palm) by representing the happenings at that time represent these (PE, KE, S) apart from what I wrote as writing abilities (precision/radial and power/ulnar side).

      Please do feel free to feedback.

    3. Yes, uncle, I completely understand your point now. In fact, as I was reading this from the beginning, I understood the Potential-Kinetic-Entropy link very well (thanks to your earlier blogs on Samkhya), until I stumbled onto this statement, and then, somehow, I got offended. Well, guess I was a bit reckless there, that I wasn't able to follow from then. Apologies for actually going off-topic there.

      Actually, I have encountered and still continue to encounter many statements like this around Internet. Once, they told me about the digit ratio and you must have seen the look of horror on my face when I noticed my digit ratio pointed to a female brain! I got charged up like "Yennapa Ithu? Digit Ratio -> Female brain -> Poor Spatial/Mathematical skills -> My brain is unfit to do Mathematics/Physics? Noooo, there is something really fishy here." Even worse, I noticed my little sister's digit ratio which pointed to a male brain, and my mouth gaped wide in bewilderment. I was thinking "Innum she struggles in integer addition and subtraction, just how can she become interested in mathematics?" My ego got in the way, but it was all for a good cause.

      I switched into research mode, looked for paper after paper, from Steven Pinker to Richard Haier to Nora Newcombe to Elizabeth Spelke. Until I was convinced that brain "gender" is something that occurs due to developmental reasons like differential hormonal exposure, which causes epigenetic variations, thus leading to sexual dimorphism, not because of X-Y genes. And then, I learnt that spatial ability was not "fixed" but surprisingly substantially malleable by environment. So, for me, the chart went like lower prenatal T exposure -> lesser T and E aromatised from T in infant brain -> female brain -> lesser aggression -> lesser systemising -> not involved in spatial activities -> poor spatial skills -> but don't worry, you can change it -> take the course -> developed spatial skills -> now I love physics even more.

      Overall, a really great blog. Especially, the analogy with Gibbs Free Energy was amazing. I could totally relate the definition with statistical (quantum) thermodynamics.

      However, can you give me more clarity on the 10 form of internal energy that goes by "Aam.. Hreem.. Hrom... Hrum... "?

    4. Ha ha ha..

      Yes, digit ratio may represent the testosterone level in the pre-natal period and in the way brain development happens in that time. But that's the pre-natal time where Sarasvati (information transfer) is limited.

      Post-natal, development of your brain (Ganapati, the lord of the ganas ) is subjected to Saras-vati devata, information transfer that occurs to you in various ways. Based on it, it develops the eight attributes or eight lakshmis. The eight lakshmis you develop are Vidhya lakshmi (Knowledge), Vijaya lakshmi (Refusing to be beaten), Veera lakshmi (Truth in expression), Santana lakshmi (treating Universe as one family), Gaja lakshmi (Self Control and rulership), Anna lakshmi (being food/use of each other), Dhana lakshmi (desiring materials), Maha lakshmi (Conscience).

      Hence the concept of Laskhmi Ganapati Sarasvati in biological domain.

      Ganapati can also be seen as the 'Potential energy' of matter which bestows 'saras-vati' (flow of information across beings, entropy) and facilitates the eight core characteristics. The eight core characteristics of matter are Entropy/Information/knowledge (Vidhya lakshmi), Velocity (Vijaya - refusing to be beaten), Having non-zero Temperature/average kinetic energy (Maha lakshmi, the consciousness), ability to bear pressure (Veera lakshmi), ability to expand in volume (Sanatana lakshmi), Carrying energy (Dhana lakshmi), physical/chemical reactions (Anna lakshmi).

      Hence the concept of Lakshmi, Ganapati, Sarasvati in matter domain.

      On the internal energy forms, I will come back in a later blog.


    5. oops I left out Gaja lakshmi in matter - the property of mass. So the properties of matter become mass, velocity, carrying energy, temperature, pressure, entropy/information content/disorder, having volume and having ability to interact with other matter and evolve into more complex forms.


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