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Deepavali - A different perspective

Taking a small break from my Vedic studies blog series to explain what Deepavali is..
I understand that this post could look outlandish, psuedo-scientific gibberish to many. I perfectly understand it. 
What is Diwali or Deepavali..?
Diwali or Deepavali is a festival of lights that heralds a new dawn. It heralds the dawn of a new Universe characterized by continuous evolution. It marks the movement away from oscillating stagnation to ever changing evolution.
Post the Big Bang, the early Universe went through several 'epochs'. Quarks and Anti-quarks appeared in Quark epoch. They were annihilating each other and getting born again continuously. Then hadron epoch started in which quarks combined to form hadrons. But hadrons and anti-hadrons annihilated each other and kept forming again repeatedly. Then Lepton epoch started in which leptons and anti-leptons were getting annihilated and created.
Thus the Universe was oscillating between annihilation and creation and the temperatures were very high. These epochs are the 'Narka' epochs. Naraka is the 'hot' place where things don't evolve and keeps alternating between positions and hence stagnation occurs.
Then the photon epoch or light epoch occured. It triggered what Standard Model of science calls as 'Nucleosynthesis' which lead to formation of atomic nucleus, atoms, elements etc.. These led to formation of molecular clouds, stellar nucleosynthesis, heavier elements, compounds and living beings.
Thus the photon epoch heralded the dawn of the Universe and moved it out of the Naraka.
The above is a layman description of post Big-Bang events in the history of early Universe.
Sura, Asura, Daitya, Danava
Soma is strong force. It integrates and evolves matter.  Madhu is weak force. It divides and decays matter.
Suras are those that 'distil' and evolve in the soma or strong force. Those that can distil in Soma or Strong force, according to science, are Quarks and anti-Quarks. Quarks and Anti-quarks get to drink 'Soma'. They also drink 'Madhu', the weak force in the sense they get divided and decayed by weak force.
Asuras are those that do not evolve in  strong force. They are leptons. Asuras do not get to drink 'Soma'. They only 'drink' madhu or weak force or only subjected to weak force.
Daityas are those that are born into diti which mean those that get divided/cut and decay. Anti-Quarks (antimatter) and heavier leptons get cut/divided and decay.
Adityas are those that are born into Aditi which means they don't divide, but rather integrate and evolve. They are the lighter quarks that integrate and form different nucleons like baryons (Indra), mesons (Varuna) and Quark pairs (Mitra).
Danava are those that are born in the form of 'danu' or 'drops' (dew). They are the lighter leptons like electron, positron etc that are stabler compared to heavier leptons.
The Adityas are subect to (they drink) both Soma (strong force) and Madhu (weak force). But asuras and daityas, those that decay, decay due to (drinking of) weak force (madhu) only.
What is Naraka..?
Once upon a time Universe was dominated by Quarks and leptons. IN other words it was dominated by Suras, Asuras, Daityas and Adityas. This was the early Universe when the temperature was very hot.
It was all oscillating in that Universe. Creation and annihilation alternated or oscillated continuously. Nothing could progress due to this oscillation.
Science calls these epochs as Quark, Hadron and Lepton epochs.
It appeared as if Universe will not evolve. Naraka are those 'hot' epochs in which Universe alternately stagnated without evolution. They are the Quark, Hadron and Lepton epochs as in the Standard Model of physics.
Naraka-asura are heavier leptons that dominated this Naraka Universe which were created and annihilated continuously.
What is swarg..?
When it appeared Universe will not evolve, swarg or heaven happened. Science calls it photon epoch.  In this photon epoch Universe, photons dominated with few protons, neutrons and electrons with it. The photon epoch triggered the nucleosynthesis phase in which nucleons formed.
Photon epoch heralded the dawn of the Universe as it moved forward the evolution to nucleons (nucleosynthesis), neutral atoms, elements, Stellar clouds formation, stellar nucleo-synthesis, heavier elements and compounds and ultimately life.
The light (photon) dominated swarg moved the Universe from continuously creating and annihilating Naraka to an evolutionary phase.
How did Swarg happen..?
The heavier Quarks and leptons of the Naraka epochs were ploughed (cut through) and decayed by Madhu (weak force) into their lighter versions.
When a dividing or cutting through results in not just decay, but to a blossoming of something more productive, that act is called ploughing. Act of ploughing is called 'Krs' and who does it is Krsna.
Hence Krsna decays the Narakasura (heavy leptons) of the Naraka epochs of Universe to lead to Photon epoch. Once Universe lands in Photon epoch or Swarg, evolution is kick-started as nucleosynthesis happens and new nucleons form in the Universe.
Deepavali - The festival of lights
Deepavali is celebrated with lighting of lamps to commemorate the dawn of Universe, the photon epoch of Universe. It is because Krishna killed the Narakasuras or ploughed that early Universe, evolution could get triggered.
Did deepavali really mark the Photon epoch..?
In my view yes. But our ancestors as we know might not have celebrated it as photon epoch, but more as victory of Krishna over Narakasura or good over evil in general.
What is the lesson for us..?
In this Universe at all times those who divide (Daityas) and those who integrate (Adityas) exist.  At times it appears that we have fallen on naraka, as there is Oscillation between creation and annihilation,  between daityas and Adityas and stagnation dominates.
But Adityas (who integrate and rule) ultimately triumph over the daityas, who divide. Narakasuras are slayed. Photon epoch arrives. The light of photon epoch leads to creation of new nucleons, atoms and elements, which serve as a fuel for bigger sacrifices or larger evolution of the Universe.
That's why the plougher, KRSna says 'Tad Atmanam Srjamy aham'. (That Atma manifests when dharma, the Universal order of evolution is afflicted, whenever adharma gains).  
We celebrate Deepavali, the festival of lights to tell ourselves that we need to get out of stagnation marked by Daityas, into evolution marked by Adityas.
Happy Deepavali to all


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